Big Data and Health Care

 When I can't sleep I often listen to TED Talks.  Sometimes this puts me right to sleep, but often it peaks my interest and I have to listen again in the morning to see if I remember the substance...or if I dreamt it.  

Recently I listened to a series on Big Data describing its potential for improvements in health management and care while at the same time challenging our values and ethics.  I am so awed by  Riccardo Sabatini's TED Talk "How To Read The Human Genome and Build a Human Being" .  What really stand out to me are the volume of data contained in the genome mapping of a single individual, and that we have the potential to revolutionize personalized medicine to predict medical outcomes from individual circumstance instead of statistical predictions.  This potential for personalized medicine and prognoses also come with ethical and moral decisions like we have never before confronted.  Sabatini predicts that "the  decisions we make in the next year will change the course of history forever."   Therefore it is imperative that we not rely on science and technology alone, but to include philosophy, culture and humanity to inform our progress.  Decisions we make this NEXT YEAR...we are really on the precipice!