Carrie Scholz is a patient advocate with over 30 years of professional social work experience in medical social work, community mental health programming and patient advocacy.  For more than 12 years she worked with voluntary health organizations providing patient education and support, treatment option research, education about clinical trials and advocacy.  

Her areas of experience and interest include medical social work, oncology and ALS, also know as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

She is a 25 year cancer survivor as well as a family caregiver.  Her experiences as a patient, a caregiver and a health care professional  inform her work and her passion for helping individuals gain a sense of control through their healthcare experience.

Carrie is a Member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants.  She subscribes to the Code of Conduct and Professional Standards for Professional Independent Health and Patient Advocates.

What is a Private Patient Advocate?

A private patient advocate works for YOU.  The medical delivery system has become complex and is driven by insurance reimbursement and procedure codes.  An advocate can help you navigate the system to insure that your needs are addressed and that you are comfortable communicating with your health care providers and making treatment decisions.  Health Navigation of Central New York will help you understand your diagnosis and treatment options; get reliable information about your diagnosis and treatment options and learn who the experts are for your diagnosis.