Welcome to Health Navigation of Central New York!

Health Navigation of CNY is here to support individuals and their loved ones who have health care needs, and to facilitate successful navigation through the complex healthcare system.

Benefits Of working with a Navigator:

Have you been overwhelmed by a diagnosis?  If you or a loved one is facing a healthcare crisis you may feel confused and frightened.  A health navigator, or private patient advocate,  can help you navigate the healthcare system to insure that your needs are addressed and that you are comfortable making treatment decisions and communicating with your providers.  Health Navigation of CNY is here to support you throughout your journey.

 Learn more about working with Carrie and get a personalized assessment and a navigation plan designed to improve your outcomes.

Your Patient Advocate will:

  • Research your diagnosis and treatment options to help you understand choices and decisions.      
  • Prepare you for medical appointments by formulating goals and questions for your health care team.  
  • Accompany you to appointments for support, provide a "second set of ears," and offer assurance that your questions are answered, and that you understand the plan.
  • Facilitate access to services and benefits.  
  • Support you and your loved ones.  
  • Help you access resources during your treatment.
  • Explore clinical trial options when applicable.
  • Help you feel more in control.